General Gymnastics

Open to all ages and abilities, General Gymnastics covers the full spectrum of the sport of gymnastics from pre-school through to all levels of recreation, displays and festivals.

The Gymnaestrada is a World Festival that takes place every four years with about 30,000 participants. General Gymnastics can also be competitive, e.g. for Veterans and also the new and fast growing area of TeamGym.

TeamGym is a team competition for clubs and consists of three sections: women, men and mixed teams. In each of the three disciplines a team comprises between 6 and 12 gymnasts and can exhibit gymnastic skills in three different disciplines: floor, trampette and tumbling. All 3 require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. The competitions generate an excellent spirit and atmosphere and are attractive and exciting for participants and spectators.

Pre-school Gymnastics

Play is a serious business; it should be a fun, enjoyable activity, which stimulates the development of mind and body. A good pre-school gym experience can provide social, physical, lingual & intellectual, creative & emotional awareness and improve concentration, competence & confidence.

The British Gymnastics 'FUNdamental movement for early years' programmes range from 'FUN 4 Baby', for babies from 8 weeks old, through to the 'Independent learner', improving balance, co-ordination, social and educational skills providing under 5's with a quality physical movement experience.

Participants learn how to use different objects to help them practise basic skills such as crawling, walking (running) rolling, hopping, jumping, throwing and catching. They are encouraged to use imagination on adventures, in fairy stories and listening and moving to nursery rhymes, songs and music.











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